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The up to date rides list can be found following this link:

*  Rides are led by volunteers.  It is each riders responsibility to ensure they are fit for the ride and that their bike is in a roadworthy condition.  Riders are advised to bring spare tubes and tools to fit their bike  in the event of a puncture or mechanical failure - but the group will always stop and help.  In the winter months and longer summer rides it is also advisable to have working lights - just in case!  A water bottle and snack bar is also a good idea to pack, with money for cafes or shops. 

*  Riders are expected to adhere to the Highway Code; and large groups will be split into smaller riding groups for safety.  The ride leaders decision is final.  If it is your first time riding with Chester CTC, or you are not yet a member, please sign in on the new rider sheet/ registration form.

*  Wednesday evening rides and Fab ladies rides split into groups of different abilities and speeds, this will be explained on the day.

*  This rides list is subject to changes through the year; each month an email is sent via the Google Group to update with events and rides for that month.  If you wish to receive an email please contact Sue on  .  If you are not on email, please pass your address to Sue and occasional notes can be sent out.

*  Records and photos of rides can be found on the Chester CTC or Fab Ladies Blogs: and  Please let it be known at the start of a ride if you do not want your photo taken (no names are posted with the image).  We also have facebook groups for Chester CTC and Fab Ladies.

* I have a Flickr account, where you can see all our photos:

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