Sunday, 18 January 2015

Ice, Ice Baby

Today's plan was to go to The Thatch at Faddily, but following light snow overnight and then temperatures dropping below zero, it was hard enough to walk down the road let alone ride.  Such a shame on what was promising to be a sunny day.

The ride was cancelled through email and facebook, but Bob and I drove to the Town Hall just in case anyone had braved it.  No-one in sight we headed home again.  We agreed that snow (on it's own), sleet, fog, wind, rain we could cope with but if one goes down on ice, we all go down.  And that is how you break bones.

I noted that Chester Road Club and Two Mills CTC also cancelled - good plan!

At time of writing the blog most ice has now gone and it is just a grey day with distant white hills.  Stay safe out there guys!

View across snowy fields to white North Wales hills

Monday, 5 January 2015

The Shippons at Irby

The first ride of the year, and the weather again threatened ice.  It is hard to determine how bad it will be under wheel until you are out there, and then it may be too late.  Dave checked out the Greenway on his way to the Town Hall and all seemed well.

A good number gathered in the sunshine in Chester, and photo taken off we went.

It was the most beautiful weather despite a white covering - which was fast melting in the surprisingly warm winter sun.

We dropped to the canal and followed that to the Greenway, nice and easy going after the indulgences of Christmas and New Year celebrations.

Passing the change bridge near the Canal Basin

Heading along the canal

We picked up Nosheen along the route, and all carried on along the Greenway, to cross the Burton Marshes and Nets cafe for elevenses.
Burton Point

The first January ride is a gentle re-introduction, so the route continued in a straightforward manner along route 56 through Neston and eventually into Irby, up some hills, losing Val and Norm.  Dave went hunting,and I and a few headed to the pub (I was a bit short on time).

The Shippons, an old cattle shed made
into a restaurant and bar

All the tables were reserved, but the staff
were very helpful in finding the extra chairs
for our large group of 16

I had to get back to get my daughter to the train station, so a couple of us headed straight back down to Thurstaston to pick up the Wirral Way and head back the way we came.  It was a very cold and quite strong headwind, so was hard work but we made it back for 4:30, just as lights were needed - and after seeing a lovely sunset.

The rest of the gang wended their way back across the Wirral, but some also found it hard going so they missed the afternoon cafe stop, and finally got back to Chester for about 6pm.

Friday, 2 January 2015

New Year's Day 2015

A happy new year to you all!

The first of January is not a day many people see, and I am sorry to say I had overindulged on the Prosecco the night before, so was feeling slightly dodgy and wobbly on that Thursday morning.  But, I thought - kill or cure, and armed with my new 'selfie stick' set off with Bob to meet at the 'Pond' (in Christleton)

Ha ha new dimension with selfie stick for start group photo!
(I know I am a bit bright - still had camera set on indoor party mode from the night before!!)

 We follow a fairly straightforward route out - no cafe's are open, so we sometimes stop to re-gather troops just out of Tattenhall, so another opportunity for a photo (after I have taken another paracetamol, and drunk some more water.  Also a snack bar as I hadn't managed breakfast!!)

New Years day lanes - drab and glum, but still nice to be out with friends in the fresh air.

Chance to catch up on last year 's events and look forward to what is coming in 2015 

At The Carden Arms in Tilston there is a chance to meet up with Wrexham groups, and other riders we know across Chester such as Easy Riders.

Mike, our president (chair) usually announces some winners of the best lady and gent from the Tourist Competition held annually by CTC....


.....which is usually won by Lowri, due to outstanding riding through the year.

It must be noted that she rides in from RUTHIN even on New Years day.  She is such a star!
donated trophies

And Andy :-)