Sunday, 2 February 2014

The White Lion at Alvanley

I give upon post names - I have spent five years thinking of apt titles for ladies posts on ladies blog - so I think here I will try to just use destinations.

February 2014, it has rained nearly every day since the beginning of January.  Today was promising to be a sunny day, all day - not to be missed!

12 riders gathered in and round MacDonalds, and then gathered for a photo.  I asked a chap who was sat nearby to take one of all of us; but that is always more traumatic than seems reasonable!

We set off heading North, round fountains roundabout and down to the Greenway, following as
far as Kingsway, before coming off to join Mannings Lane and into the lanes.  We followed these(my old routes to work) passing a horse riding lesson before heading back at Stanney to Stoak and the lanes to Picton Gorse.  With an additional tiddle round Wimbolds Trafford, Dave had made a short route of 6 miles into an impressive 12 miles!

We met the Jupiter cycling club - a group from Elton who I suspect are really into speed - but I shared our details anyway.  After our coffees and tea's, we headed back into the lanes, climbing up the small hill into Dunham on the Hill, and skirting off towards the lanes round Mouldsworth, before climbing up Manley Common.  The great thing about that climb (apart from the views) was the descent that followed along the Ridgeway.  
View back down over Manley Common

Is that the top of the hill....?

no - this is the top!

View from the top, across Chester to North Wales, through a gap in the ridge.

One final climb brought us to Alvanley and the White Lion Inn.  Very nice food, busy but pleasant atmosphere.

Heading back I left the group just up the road, turning into School lane and heading for Manley.

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