Thursday, 2 January 2014

Happy New Year 2014!

New Year, and inevitable new years resolutions...almost regardless of the weather!  And the forecast for the start of 2014 was wet and windy, getting wetter and windier!

It was certainly wet.  I met Sarah at the pond, and slowly others arrived.  It is always slow on New Years Day, usually due to the late night preceding  it!  Eventually 7 of us gathered - with Dave on his way after night shift shuffling trains.  As it was so wet, we set off without a starting photo, knowing Dave would soon be with us.

Sure enough, Bob came alongside after a mile, saying he had a text and may need to check his phone in case it was Dave - as Dave appeared at my other side.

We had a quick photo and phone stop in Churton, a chance to wring out my gloves and change into my ski mits, and carried straight on to Tilston - no variations today with a roaring and gusty headwind.  

Fortunately the fires were ablaze at the Carden Arms, so we were able to drape gloves and coats around in an attempt to dry them out.  A hearty stew, chips and crusty bread was just the ticket to revive us, along with a pint or two!

After catching up with other groups (Wrexham, Harry, Family Wright!), and with the rain stopped and the wind on our tails, we put back on the damp clothing and set off again, back to Chester (with a very pleasant stop at John's conservatory on our way back)

Sue wringing her gloves out!

Stew, beer and friends!

Lowri receives her award for CTC Competition

Ready to set off on the journey home

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