Thursday, 16 January 2014

January Social

Through the winter months, between September and April, Dave kindly organises a social night for us, to keep the Wednesday summer evenings spirit alive!  It is also an opportunity for potential new riders to come and meet us, and make new friends.

Stu, Nick and Martin (new face)
The first one for 2014 was to Kash, a micro brewery small pub at the end of Brook Street and just off Hoole Bridge. 

Dave, Bob and I headed out on the circuit first, before heading in at The Bars to Kash, joining Nick and
Martin who were already there.

The pub had a very strong hoppy yeasty smell, which you became accustomed to after a wee while.

A very good turn out, and very strong beer!  I stuck to the Cider, safest bet.  The artwork was superb around the pub walls, apparently painted by the owners son.  Should've taken more pics!

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