Sunday, 20 April 2014

The Boat at Erbistock

I received an email whilst I was away in the Yorkshire Dales over Easter:

Hi Sue,

hope you are doing good and had a good Easter trip in the dales. Just thought I would mail you and thank you for letting me join your Chester rides. I had attended the Easter Sunday ride led by Stu who is such an amazing person, he took us along the beautiful country paths in and out of wales. 

Since it was my first ride in almost 3 years I was wondering whether to do 50 miles the first time, but I was like just go for it. There were times a slowed the team down, esp on the up hills!!! but they were so supportive and I managed to finish the ride in one piece!! I woke up today with aches but it felt amazing the only problem I had was a VERY VERY sore bottom!! Had bought the bike the day before with not the greatest seat!!

I still need lots of practice esp on up hills I had to even stop and walk the bike along on some occasions, so hopefully will be there for maybe the shorter rides with the ladies and hopefully the Wednesday evening rides before I go back to the 50 mile rides.

Thank you again and thank you to the team everyone of them for putting up with me and being patient.

Hope to meet you soon heard lots about you and hopefully will have a new saddle by then and padded pants!!

And some photos...

The starting line (pic by Ray)

Morning coffee at Holt (pic by Shanti)

All sat for lunch (pic by Shanti)
Outside at the Boat (pic by Ray)

(L) on the way home (?) (Pic by Ray).......(R) On arrival back at Chester, when Stu realised he had his camera with him! (Pic by Stu)

"Hi Sue, couple of pictures from the ride on Sunday. Very enjoyable day and nice to see a few new faces. Only really got about about 10minutes of rain - immediately after a fine lunch. Thanks to Stu for a good route. Ray"

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