Saturday, 14 June 2014

All through the Night

The idea has been brewing for a few years, usually towards the end of a circuit night ride, to do an overnight ride.  I remember doing one years ago - meet at 10pm and then set off.

I plotted the full moons for 2014, but the June one, which fell nicely on a Friday night (Friday the 13th, no less!) was also the day before the Fab Ladies Ride, so I could not come.  But Bob said nothing was stopping him.

I suspect he was a little less enthusiastic towards the end of the week, but Friday came and two potential riders had enquired, so I joined Bob going to the pub.  It had rained heavily at 9pm, but had just about stopped as we rolled up to the Piper, to see Andy and Alex, all lit up and prepared to give it a go.
Alex, Andy and Bob, ready to ride

...setting off into the sunset (sort of)
Bob texted me "A marvelous ride, everything we hoped for.  By Tattenhall the showers went off.  At Tilston it was dry and at the Carden Arms we had a drink, only 11:58pm!  It was serving for the football.  The sky had cleared and we had perfect moonlight through Malpas, Whitchurch, Tilstock and on to Wem, with empty roads."

We arrived at Wem in glorious moonlight at 2:45am and found a bench to sit and have our sandwiches and drinks on. The odd car went by but I don't think the occupants belived what they saw. At 3:15 we departed for Whitchurch with pale light coming in the Eastern sky and still nothing on the roads, The dawn chorus broke the silence before we got to Whitchurch, and by then you could see to read the map! We returned via route 45 turning off at Chorley Bank and came home through Chorley, Larden Green, Brindley, Bunbury, Beeston , Huxley and Waverton accompanied by the most beautiful early morning summer skies.  Arrival at The Piper at 7:10am and 76 miles.

Alex also sent in some text...Well Sue & Co, we three cycled on, passing serveral cyclists on fairly quiet roads, not really stopping till Tilston and having a refreshment stop in the Local  Comment was passed that Sue would of enjoyed this bit  Onwards and out and as we donned our cycles the moon came out to say hi. Passed through Malpas "pass on the Hill" , Whitchurch and to Wem and break stop on a grassy verge at 2am! Here we turned tail and listened to the dawn chrous starting at 2.30am and lighten skies, Alas Dusty Miller wasn't open at 4am back in Chester and bed 7.30am.

Maybe next time there will be more photos!

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