Monday, 20 October 2014

The Holly Bush at Cefn Y Bedd

At the start, Little Roodee Car Park.  

Lesley writes "I only stayed with the others to just past the coffee stop (at Jemoleys, Penyffordd I think) as I had to get back for something in the afternoon. We headed down the river path, across to Saltney Ferry, Bretton, probably near Kinnerton (where Kath, etc, joined us) and a fair old climb to Pennyffordd.  
I just wish I’d been able to stay for the climb up Hope Mountain – honest!"

These must be the climb up Hope Mountain....whichever way you go there are arrows!

I understand it was very very windy up on top of Hope Mountain!

Kath sheltering

Dave looking for his bike

Gill nearly being blown over!

Is this Bellis's in Holt?

Ian, leader of the day

Caption needed.............!
Many thanks to Ian for leading and to Ray for the photos.

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