Saturday, 4 October 2014

Hill Climb and Freewheel 2014

The annual hill climb and freewheel events have a certain predictable quality about them.

We all meet in the car park at Llysfasi College...

We then all ride along the road to the first left, and then to the first corner, where we assemble expectantly, chatting among old friends who we may not have seen for a while.

At this point there are shouts of 'car up', as Arthur always passes us here before the comp starts - and every year I forget he is going to come past.

Nearly every year the cows come across to the corner, to see what we are up to.  I guess they are new cows each year!

Approaching the finish line

This year the sun was shining, as we all took our turn to climb the hill.

Every year I forget how steep it is - although it really does not look it.

And when we are all up the hill, we get to enjoy the mostly downhill ride to the start of the freewheel.  I was chasing someone (I forget who, as I am posting 6 weeks later!) until I nearly met a tractor on a bend just as I was about to pass.  Brakes working well, at least!

And then, we assemble at the top of the hill, to take turns at going downhill.  I did hold the furthest freewheel for a few years, but I lost my title last year to Diane (from Menai) and this year I spectacularly failed again, as I had my feet the wrong way around.  It happens.

But at the end of the morning's trials, we all get to sit in the pub and enjoy lunch and mixed company. 

Ian John and myself tried to represent Chester, but we are up against some veterans (and in some cases 'super-vets'!).

You can read the reports and see more photos and winners on the main website:  Hill climb & Freewheel

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