Sunday, 16 November 2014

The Wheatsheaf at No Mans Heath

8 riders met at Chester Town Hall, on a gloomy but dry and not windy November morning, amidst the hammering and drilling of the elves assembling the Christmas Market stands.  The is one thing about meeting in the city centre, you feel in touch with what is going on!

Bob led us out of town via the Old Dee Bridge, and out to Eccleston, Straight Mile and up to Marford hill.  The golden leaves still lingering on some of the trees gave a slight glow to the lanes,  and took the edge of the grey skies.

Autumn colours on Wrexham Road

After a little meander around Hoseley, we headed to Holt.  Finding Hildegards full to bursting with cyclists we instead went to Bellis's, where there is plenty of room.

unlocking at Bellis's

Returning through Holt we dropped to cross the river on another old sandstone bridge, classic Cheshire Dee bridges! and climbed up through Farndon.  I can still see the swollen river as it was in February when I cross here, or the time it was frozen with thick ice and a small channel flowed through.

Passing Tilston church

From Farndon, we headed to Stretton Mill - no photo as it is at the bottom of a hill- and through the Carden Park gold course - because it is both sides of the road.  We came into Tilston, and passed the church, emerging by the Bull at Shocklach.

We came past this beautiful old manor house, with the most exquisite chimneys, a quick check of the map showed it as Lower Carden Hall, a 15th century grade 1 listed building.

I think I stopped paying attention because next we are heading into Malpas past the church, before a right-left at the Cross heading downhill to No Mans Heath.

note the road sign on the wall to No Mans Heath -
below the impossibly large speakers!

We have been here before, a few years ago, but the selection of food and prices was marvellous.  Some of us found a friend and chose 2 for £10 meals, and some had small portion two course for £3.50 - amazing prices and very nice food - and friendly to boot!

Arriving at The Wheatsheaf
No photos after lunch, as it was quite dark.  We followed some lovely lanes, almost bordering with Shropshire here, and made it to the Teddy Bear tea rooms in time for a coffee and a cake.

Lights on now, as the watery sunset could be seen - pale peach and pink lines in the now darker grey sky.  Much discussion about what lights are best - not just to be seen but to actually see where you are going/ where the potholes are / where the side of the road is.

50 very pleasant miles, back to Hoole for 5:40.

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