Monday, 8 December 2014

Christmas Lunch at The Yew Tree, Bunbury

 A merry gathering for the December ride and Christmas lunch.

Meeting at Christleton pond, it gives us a chance to recall Christmas rides from the past, and usually the weather we have enjoyed and endured

We set off through the lanes, fairly standard route, Dave leading the way but me following with a bit if a gap - saying that we crossed the Plough crossroads as Dave's group arrived from a different direction!

All quite flat until we climbed up to the Candle Factory Workshops.
In the cafe at the Candle Factory

 We certainly enjoyed the most lovely weather for December, with blue skies and sunshine.  It was Nigel and Christine's first ride out since moving to the area, and were delighted with what we have on our back doorstep.

From the Candle Factory we dropped down a tiny tiny lane to Harthill, then round Rawhead and after a brief interlude on the A534 back onto the lanes and round Bulkeley hill.  
Omry, Sharon, Dave

Lisa and Sue

Dave and Boob

Martin pondering his next ale

Alex and Nigel

Some of us enjoyed venison as an alternative, although we could choose from Beef, Turkey, Hake and Veggie too.

I don't think this guy had anything to do with the venison!
Stu and Kath

 We then headed back towards Beeston and Huxley before calling in for our annual visit to Walk Mill - Caroline sets her advent calendar by our arrival!
Arriving at Walk Mill

enjoying coffee and cake at the end of the day.

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