Sunday, 18 January 2015

Ice, Ice Baby

Today's plan was to go to The Thatch at Faddily, but following light snow overnight and then temperatures dropping below zero, it was hard enough to walk down the road let alone ride.  Such a shame on what was promising to be a sunny day.

The ride was cancelled through email and facebook, but Bob and I drove to the Town Hall just in case anyone had braved it.  No-one in sight we headed home again.  We agreed that snow (on it's own), sleet, fog, wind, rain we could cope with but if one goes down on ice, we all go down.  And that is how you break bones.

I noted that Chester Road Club and Two Mills CTC also cancelled - good plan!

At time of writing the blog most ice has now gone and it is just a grey day with distant white hills.  Stay safe out there guys!

View across snowy fields to white North Wales hills

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