Monday, 6 April 2015

The White Horse at Overton

It was Dave's turn this year to lead the Easter Sunday ride - we do not necessarily have a ride on Easter Sunday, but this year and last it fell on the Sunday of our ride (if that makes sense!)

The weather was a far cry from last Sunday's Spring 50 weather of pouring horizontal rain and damp chilliness, and although not exactly sunny, it was not raining and not windy - bonus!

9 of us gathered and eventually mustered together for the first photo of the day, and as we headed along Eastgate street we were caught up by a new rider, just in time.

Dave took us through town and out to Saighton and Bruera before hanging a left to come to Old

Ma's, for coffee stop although we had only done about 8 miles!  Here we met Martin who would join us for a little while.  We also had a chat with a few Tri club riders, who had done their shorter but faster ride already.

for the life of me I can't recall exactly where this was
 - although I have passed it loads of times over the years!

After coffee we continued to Tattenhall, and towards Burwardsley, after which I was not paying attention and wasn't sure where we went!  We certainly ended up outside the gates to , before passing Bolesworth castle and estate, then across to Brown Knoll and Duckington.  Last time I was out this way it was all snowdrops; today was lots of varieties of bright daffodils.

Ray - last one round the corner at Duckington.

We crossed the A41 and along to Edge - a hidden hamlet with an old hall - and then picked up the Spring 50 route along Overton Scar.  Or so I thought.

My ears were cold, so I stopped briefly to put my fleece band on, Nosheen waited for me at the next junction, and we carried on.  When we got to the B-road I recognised the large yew hedge, so turned right - coming upon the group at the next junction- they had cut a corner off but Stuart had gone back to look for us!

[Just as a point - if riding in a group then we all need to look out for each other - that is, if you are not at the back of the group, and you know there are more riders behind you, when you get to a junction if there is no-one in sight behind then you need to let the person you are next to know, and wait so that the trailing part of the group can see where you have turned.]

We continued on the spring 50 route through Holly Bush and Cloy, arriving at Overton in good time to order a pint and be seated.

A marvellous carvery awaited, and it was hard not to pile your plate too full as is tempting at a carvery.  OK, so I piled my plate a little too was so nice!


When we came out the sky was blue and the sun was out.  After a short stretch of A525 we had the most lovely return ride via Erbistock and sunny lanes to Marchweil, and then the back lanes around the industrial estate.

At this point, I had to get back and I knew Ray was also heading in my direction (Waverton) - so I negotiated with Dave, as the group were heading to Waterways for coffee and cake.  Ray and I split off and went straight to Holt, where we enjoyed a coffee (no cake, I had another Sunday lunch to eat when I got home - don't say it!) in the sunshine outside Hildegards.

I hear that the group did not make it/ get in at Waterways - although probably shut as Easter Sunday - so they ended up in the pub instead....I wonder if anyone took a photo?

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