Sunday, 28 June 2015

Kath's Kurry Ride #2

I had taxi duties and village fete to attend to on this Saturday - but Nick and the gang have filled us in on facebook - Nick writes:

 "Bob and Kath's curry ride (around Delamere)

The Chester Cycling touring club set off from the Piper pub on the A41 at 3pm with a good number about 15 of us, I'd asked Kath by text if it would be ok to bring along some of the guys from the Tuesday evening cycling club ( TEC) yes was the reply and they were made to feel very welcome. Some of the friends I brought along happen to be elite cyclists (Steve, Gail Stuthridge andTrudie Philpott), so I said to them " no showing off this is going to be a leisurely ride of about 30 miles".

I hadn't considered Bob from the Chester group. 

The ride started off with smiles and friendly chat, after a short while smiles turned to expressions of pain. Bob had realised we were running short on time, so he upped the pace and we all started to struggle (apart from Bob), on his heavy touring bike, plus the fact he's been retired for years, Ayrton Senna and George Best used to be my heroes (now it's Bob). 

Our destination was the Helsby Spice (great curry house) it couldn't come soon enough for the TEC elite. 

After we finished our meal and paid the bill, Bob stood up and said " come on my old sergocias let's go to the next pub on our way back to Chester".

More cycling, more pubs, more beer, it ended up just a final few of us, Ju, Martin, Bob, Steve, Gail, Gill and me. We all sat outside the Cross Keys in Chester, last orders rang, by now we were all feeling very tired apart from Bob, he suggested going to Cruise night club " NO" !! was the reply, then he said " maybe I shouldn't I've got a hundred mile bike ride in the morning " we all looked at each other in astonishment."

I am guessing this is The Shrewsbury Arms.

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