Monday, 29 June 2015

Bob Clift Cheshire Cycleway 50 or 100 miles 2015

Ray writes:

Bob Clift 100. Selection of photos to give a flavour of this event. Warm day with just a few minor showers on the way around. Course was ably navigated by "shorts Dave" who it must be said was below par due to work getting in the way. Puncture was at just 6 miles in!! Landrover was not a new "discovery" just one of the many known about by Bob & Dave.

sorry about selfie-stick-shake!

Bob Clift 50 - various Chester people rode either as couple, family, solo or in our little gathering of 7.  To start with it was breezy,and a bit grey but warm enough for short sleeves.  A nice touch was the Church Bells in Waverton sending us off (or at least welcoming me in!). 

We passed this gentleman about 6 times,
and I am sure he was still back before us!!!

...Craig and Sue, we leapfrogged
and rode together at times...

...Dave from Waverton, seen once or twice...

...Gill and Alex were on a mission
to get back in good time...about two hours before us!

...Sonia and family also joined us at one stage, near Eaton

Hazel and Tommy seen later at Eaton and then
found in the 50p shop cafe!

Danish Pastries (huge ones) at Hatchmere
(lake in background)

Usual route out through new Waverton, past Walk Mill, cross A51, Duddon, slight mis read of instructions, Kelsall, Delamere to the first stop at Hatchmere, the Carriers Inn.  Here we met Bob's son Stephen checking us in; and chance to say hi to other friends and cyclists.

Jane with Alex and Gill (last time we saw them!)

Onwards to Norley, Cuddington, Sandiway, Whitegate, Little Budworth to Eaton, and Beans!

a light shower.  Too warm for waterproofs really!


Outside Jessie Hughes institute,
shoes back on and ready to go

nice long downhill now, spotting Kestrel
and Buzzard (fly past!)

After Eaton the sun came out properly, and we trundled off to Bunbury, Beeston and Huxley - passing far to near to the 50p shop cafe.  By now the sun was really warm, and it was not hard to persuade the group to have another little cake stop.

Beeeeeston.  Such a fab landmark!

photos, blue sky and sunshine worthy of bigger pictures!

We really were in the cafe until the cows came home!
Waverton in sight....

Final destination

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