Sunday, 22 November 2015

The White Bear at Whitchurch

A wet start to a late November ride - meeting again amongst the Christmas Market Village by the Town Hall.  I was not able to get to the start (as I had to take my daughter to work), but eight lined up for a photo by Ray.

Bob was leading us to Whitchurch, and the morning coffee stop was at Tillys in Bunbury; this is where I caught up with the group.  

Ray said on facebook "Initially a bit damp, but cool all day. Who cares, a very nice outing with spirits high. Cheers Bob (and everyone else come to that). Bit foggy in Tillys I thought !!"

The Combermere Monument:
For another day

To be honest, I was not on good form, and also had to be back in time to collect the same aforementioned daughter from work, so Dave and I headed back shortly after Tillys, near to a monument on a hill.  That is for another (not muddy) day as you have to trek across a field (here is a photo from a later ride)

Dave escorted me back as he also had to be in work, it was good to have company as we actually had a headwind.

Marbury Church

Here are more of Ray's photos from the day:

270 or 230 miles? Route 45 is called The Mercian Way.
I feel a tour coming on!

The Mercian Way is a 230 miles (370 km) long cycle path that runs from Salisbury in Wiltshire to Chester in Cheshire. Operated by Sustrans, it is part of National Cycle Route 45, but is also well used by walkers. The path is so named because it passes through what was once the ancient Anglo-Saxon Kingdom of Mercia. To reflect its name a number of waymarkers depicting Saxon warriors were commissioned and have been placed along the route.  Here is one!

Lunch venue

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