Sunday, 20 December 2015

Burton Manor at Burton

Final Sunday ride before Christmas, and an excellent turn out for Hazel of 14; in the sunshine and remnants of the Christmas market.

Ray captured some moments before the group set off, tinsel on bikes etc.

I met the group on route 56 (had to drop daughter off at work first) so was heading to the Hosta Cafe but met them by the gate (had to man-handle all the gates alongside the railway on my own!)

The lanes were full of puddles (on account of recent rain) but we had a fine bright day as we headed through Capenhurst.

The distinctive steeple of Capenhurst church

The penfold a little further along the road

Panoramic shot in the cafe after a few attempts - but don't look too closely!!!
We even met a wandering Two Mills rider (Sylvia) who was not on her bike due to a shoulder injury - she had been left whilst they had done their ride and was going to meet the group back at Eureka for lunch.  We invited her to join us for a coffee.

Packing up and setting off again, we continued to cross the Welsh Road, and towards (but not along) the 'missing link'.

We had to cross the Chester High Road one more time, with the aid of pedestrian crossing, and it was all downhill to Burton.

Parking up at the cafe
The cafe was on it's last day open before a few months shut (due to lack of custom in the winter months).  So a bit of a limited menu, although plenty for us.
novel helmet rack - I think...!

Santa's little secret

And then it is time to leave, back across Burton Marshes, enjoying views across the Dee estuary and our own shadows.

shadows across on the boardwalk

Final furlong back to Chester

When the few of us that were left got back to the Town Hall square, there were three options open to us - go home, go to Stewart's house with the offer of free beer, or the Carol service in the Cathedral.  I joined Hazel and Tommy for the latter (Stu went to the party and Bob went home)

A fantastic end to a Christmassy ride!

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