Wednesday, 1 January 2020

Happy New Year 2020

In a vague attempt to stay more up to date with blog posts - and in the tradition of all good New Year we are again, at Christleton Pond, at the start of a new year.

We left in two waves - because I knew I could not get to Cleopatra's in Holt in half an hour (10 miles) I set off first with about 6 (did not really count!) and
New ducks on the block
Dave stayed till 10:30, to bring a few others.

The weather was not too cold, not windy and most importantly not snowing, raining or icy.  

Cleopatra's was the meeting point for Wrexham riders, and anyone else passing that way.  I highly recommend the croissant (why have I never had one before?!)

Leaving Cleopatra's

We then set off, back over the Dee Bridge and along to The Bull at Shocklach.  A chance to mix and meet with others, make new friends and catch up on the news: Janet had a broken arm; Bryan had not done much as his wife had also broken her arm early in 2019; and generally who had who for Christmas and New Year etc.

Arriving at The Bull

As people drifted away, I ended up being last with Stu, as we finished our pints.  We were heading different directions, and as it was such a nice day by now, I decided to add a little loop in, heading towards Chorlton Lane and Horton Green.  

Classic Cheshire sign
with Red Phone Box

Watch this space -
chapel will be renovated

Fabulous Gatehouse to Carden Park

Such wonderfully quiet lanes, and a joyous solo meander.  I do not always get the chance to go out by myself, unless it is commuting.  Despite extra loop, I only seemed to add 5 miles, making it 37 miles in total.

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