Sunday, 10 November 2019

Chester & North Wales AGM 2019

In order to try and improve and encourage attendance to the AGM, held locally this year at Pulford, I invited people to join me at Christleton Pond.  We had a selection of Chester and Watsons Wanderers, so that was nice!

We left at 9:30, and set off through wonderful autumn coloured lanes to Farndon.  I paused at Churton to share a little bit of history of the tree planted in 1911 to commemorate the Coronation of King George V.

In Lewis's cafe, after a couple of us had ordered, John pointed out that it was now 11, and we should be at Pulford for 11:30, for beans on toast.  Too late to stop now, we anticipated our various orders eagerly and finished up as quick as we could.  Brian passed by, he had thought we were meeting at Chester Town Hall so missed us.  We sent him on ahead as time was tight.

No worries, we arrived at Pulford by 12:10; time for beans on toast and a cuppa, and cake!  Meeting old friends and having a natter, and then the buisness of the day.

Agenda and minutes are on the club website

Return journey included the Straight Mile, and after Eccleston I took the riders I had left along Pinfold Lane to pick up 'The Circuit'  (there is another page I need to do!) 

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